Friday, October 24, 2014

Outsourced Marketing Group Reviews Training Process

Outsourced Marketing Group in New York, NY brings on board quality marketing and sales representatives who market on behalf of our various Fortune 100 and 500 clients. These telecommunication, energy, technology, and merchant services/credit processing giants we work with have established an extensive presence in the US market through longstanding corporate literature and quality service or product guarantees. However, they find that outsourcing their customer acquisition processes to companies like Outsourced Marketing Group that intensively train and specialize in B2B marketing is crucial to their customer base and positioning in the market.
Customer acquisition is the most abstract and challenging process of marketing - B2B representatives have now become their fundamental means to profit.
Our screening process of such representatives is more intensive than the average American corporate entity, as we never bring on board anyone who we feel would not do well for themselves. Our reps are taught to systematically generate a customer base and in turn, a consistent amount to sustain and profit for themselves; thus, they must be highly trainable. Being highly moral and professional in their understanding of business ethics, having student mentality, a keen business sense to relate to business owners, and an impervious positive attitude are all characteristics necessary in order to master customer acquisition.
Representatives first start with being trained from scratch in the ways to approach businesses and their respective owners. An onsite pre-assessment of whether the business is in good standing and is a suitable customer is conducted, because we look to establish long term business relationships. After determining that the customers have the need and qualify for the service, a stringent in-person paperwork based acquisition process is conducted.
After mastering B2B sales, representatives are expected to interview and train other representatives just brought on board or still in the training phase. Among such corporate trainers, teams are developed consisting of those they personally trained. Those who have developed themselves in this program with exceptional self-motivation and a great student mentality stay on to be our core trainers who we have ascertained would open an office on our behalf.
Our core trainers have looked beyond the benefit of having B2B sales on their resume. Though it is an experience widely recognized to be more substantial on paper than a degree in Business Administration, our core trainers see that everything else precedes that. They place greater value in developing great mental fortitude, experience in interviewing and managing a group of people, and more importantly, opening their own office whereupon they refine what they've brought forward from such experiences.
The progress of one becoming a core, indispensable rep, trainer, then manager entails but is not limited to:
  • Promoting products and services for one or more Fortune 100 or 500 companies in accordance with their brand awareness objectives and industrial requirements
  • Educating fellow reps as well as the customer interface mechanics of the client's industry as well as the various competitive and comparable suppliers of said products and services
  • Replicating and augmenting intensive training workshops that cover core marketing skills and strategies
  • Conducting themselves on a daily basis with consistency and professionalism during the process of B2B direct marketing
  • Meeting with potential clientele face-to-face in a professional and informed yet personable manner and presenteing products and services while addressing clients’ unique concerns
  • Applying rates and/or purchase options in accordance with business’ needs without going below the profitable rates threshold
  • Visiting a wide range of businesses consistently while identifying new opportunities for a convenient set up/switching process relevant to their present business cost solution needs
  • Administering with great conscientiousness and meticulousness client care tasks (i.e. coordinating technical support and communicating promptly with existing customers who had concerns, ensuring that their issues are resolved)
  • Personally train and develop a team of Account Executives at said responsibilities
  • Collect Demographic Composite Data based on observations and assessments on behalf of the client